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The Top 5 Most Unusual Wedding Gift Ideas

Finding unique wedding gifts can be a challenge, but there are plenty of options out there if you know where to look. If you’ve received an invitation and you’re panicking about what to take with you on the day, read on to discover five of the most unusual present ideas.

A personalised chopping board is a great option Everybody uses a chopping board, whether it’s to finely dice ingredients for another culinary masterpiece, or simply to slice the bread for their toast in the morning. But this present doesn’t have to be entirely functional. Why not seek out a gift retailer who specialises in bespoke items? You’ll want to opt for something of the highest quality – such as solid oak, but that you can also have engraved to convey a special message or the couples’ married names.

Secondly, you can always turn to alcoholic presents. It may seem like an obvious choice, but who doesn’t love to indulge in a glass of champagne or whisky on their wedding day? Besides, you can easily go against the grain by giving them a personalised bottle to hold their tipple of choice. Alcohol is always received gratuitously, and a personalised element will set it apart from the rest and give the couple a keepsake to cherish.You can choose to have anything you like printed on the label of the bottle, but the most popular choice is the couples’ names, followed by the date of their nuptials and a special message. Be sure to find a company who not only offer a professional customisation service, but also a premium alcohol – the last thing you want is for your bride and groom not to enjoy their special present.

Alternatively, a unique keepsake box is an incredibly thoughtful wedding present. Their will likely be an assortment of precious items that the bride and groom will want to treasure – including wedding invitations, sprinklings of confetti, photographs, a pressed flower from the bouquet, or a brochure from the venue they tied the knot in. There are design companies out there who will provide a beautiful, wooden box with a latch, as well as the engraving on the lid. You could even opt for a secret message to be displayed inside, or a personal congratulatory message. As an extra thoughtful touch, why not offer to be in charge of the keepsake box on the day? The bride and groom will no doubt be busy entertaining their guests, so will need someone who’s not so preoccupied to remember to collect bits and bobs for their treasure trove.

An engraved vintage teaspoon set is a really special gift to bestow. You can source beautiful spoons online, some of which are made from real vintage materials. Imagine the couple starting off their morning by stirring a coffee with their own engraved teaspoons, given by a special friend on their wedding day. These spoons could display matching engravings, their wedding date for example, ‘Mr and Mrs’, or an in-joke and punchline. Let your imagination roam free.

Last but not least, are personalised coasters. This may sound like a drab gift option, but coasters can add an incredibly decorative touch to a home. Plus, think about how often these newlyweds will make themselves cups of tea or coffee? A set of personalised coasters will make them smile every time they set down their drink. You could choose to have them engraved with a funny quote, their married names or the date that they tied the knot – the opportunities are endless. Opt for a good quality material that will look great and remain durable. Solid beech wood coasters are an ideal option as they can be used for years and will look attractive on their coffee table. For an extra special touch, why not present them in a beautiful, bespoke gift box?

Great Gifts for Him or Her

If you’re looking for a great gift for someone, buying online is increasingly the best place to go to. Forget about spending all day in the markets, now you can browse and buy online from the comfort of your own couch and have your gifts delivered right to your door. Or even better, you can have your gifts wrapped and delivered right to the recipient’s doorstep. You can even include a personal message along with the gift. All of this without ever moving from in front of you computer or smartphone. Truly, buying gifts for her or him has never been easier.

Special gifts for that special someone

There are many advantages to buying online. One of the biggest is the incredible range of products and prices available. No matter how much you want to spend you can find something that fits your budget perfectly. From a tiny keychain to a laptop worth a lakh or more, everything is available. Also you can find incredibly personal gifts for her or him or gifts that are right for corporate gifting. From a mug or a smartphone case with a personal, memorable photograph to a notebook with a company logo or brand name on it, you can buy everything online these days.

Personalised Gifts

In an age where almost everything we buy and use are mass produced items, people appreciate personalised or handmade products more than ever. There are also a large number of online sellers around the world that specialise in personalised or customised gifts. From companies that put your favourite photograph of your precious pet, on a t-shirt or a mug to companies that specialise in custom stickers or engraved metal mugs. It is now incredibly easy to buy a product as a gift that will be treasured forever and always be an incredibly personal reminder of how much the recipient of the gift means to you.

Last minute gifts

Another huge advantage you have when buying online is that you can do your last minute shopping and choose expedited or overnight shipping to make sure gifts reach the recipient within just a day or two. This is perfect for when you’re doing last minute shopping or even when you’re late for a birthday or special occasion. During festivals, shopping online for gifts also lets you avoid the crowds and the traffic usually common in actual markets at these times.

5 New Year Gift Ideas

This year is almost over and the new one is coming. To show your loved ones that you care about them and you would like them to have a great year it’s imperative that you buy them a gift. There are many types of gifts that you buy. The best being:


Flowers are excellent gifts as you can give them to almost anyone. You can give them to your grandparents or even your lover. Flowers come in different sizes, colors and varieties thus you have a wide range of options to choose from. You only need to visit your local florist and ask him/her to arrange you the flowers. The units can be arranged in different ways including:

Monobotanic: Here the flowers of the same variety are arranged together. The flowers can be roses, iris, lilies, or tulips. To give character to the flowers, you should include different colors.

Monochromatic: You should choose one color and stick with it. You can go with one flower of the same color or different types of flowers of the same color range.


No one hates food. You should find the favorite food of the person that you are looking to give and then prepare it. If you don’t have time to prepare the food or you don’t know how to do it you should go ahead and buy it. Best foods that you can give include: biscuits, cookies, cakes, and even fruits. To create a great impression you should place the foods in a basket and elegantly cover it.


According to experts, jewelry warms the heart. There are many types of jewelry that you can buy for your loved one. You can buy a necklace, bangle or even a watch. Different people love different things; therefore, you should research and find the best one for your friend. High-quality jewelry is usually expensive; therefore, you should be ready to part with a substantial amount of money. While it’s recommended that you buy and give from the heart but this doesn’t mean that you have to drain your account. You should buy jewelry that you are comfortable with.


If you don’t have a lot of money to spend but you want to show that you are thinking about the other person, you should buy him/her a diary. You can have the picture of your loved printed on the diary or just give a plain one. If your friend doesn’t use the diary, you can give him/her a calendar. To give the calendar an interesting look you should personalize it. You should collect a few of the most memorable photos that feature your loved one and have them printed on the calendar.


There is nothing that tells the other person that you think and care about them than an engraved product. The cool thing about engraving is that you can have almost anything engraved. Best things to give are engraved coffee mugs, wine bottles or ornaments. When making the engraving, ensure that it’s done properly and professionally.


These are the various gifts that you can give to your loved ones this New Year. As mentioned above, you should give from the heart but you shouldn’t give more than you can afford.

The Useful Anniversary Gifts Collections

In these modern days people would like to celebrate each and every life event grandly. The wedding anniversary is an important event for every husband and wife. They could celebrate an anniversary with sharing more pleasant present. Today many online shopping stores are available to buy anniversary gifts for husband as well as wife. The toccami is an online gift store which offers different kinds of present for different kinds of events like birthday gifts, anniversary gift and others. Mostly lovers and couples like to present inexpensive and beautiful gifts so people should look for small and elegant gifts to feel happy. The wedding anniversary is really important for couples that they can live happily for long years. Actually anniversary gifts no need to be expensive so online store is a right option to go for different kinds of anniversary present.

The women love to present pleasant gift for their husband because pleasant gift could help them to live more happily. The sharing gift could help husband and wife to get mutual understanding. The sensible anniversary gift might help women to receive much love from husband. Actually toccami online store offers hundreds of anniversary gifts so women could buy more suitable and loveable contribution from toccami official website. The personalized anniversary gift are also offering by toccami so women can make their husband happy with presenting more effective personalized gift. Actually toccami offers number of pleasant gifts to sell so users don’t feel worry about finding a right gift. Mostly husbands want to use personalized gift that may be a right option to buy. The women can get many discounts on personalized and trendy anniversary gifs if they are purchasing through online stores.

Every woman wants to impress her husband with presenting some exciting gifts that may be anything like personalized present, expensive present and others. The toccami is a great option to buy all kind of present. This site provides more suitable anniversary gift, birthday gifts and other event gifts. The women can simply find a great gift for their husband with help of toccami online store. The users don’t need to visit any kind of land based shopping stores to buy anniversary gifts for husband and other lovable person. The online stores offer great deal on personalized gift and other modern gift. The users can buy quality gifts from online stores at low of price.

In order to make the personal touch of the present, this online portal can offer the excellent types of customized designs for you. So, you can use these gift to present for your parents to make it memorable all the time. However, all of the gift that are available in this portal are given at the best comfortable prices. Therefore, you can buy these gifts within your budget.

Some Budget Friendly Ideas To Pamper Your Wife!

Every man wants his wife to appreciate & love him. We know that all the husbands out there wish to be an ideal husband but does anyone ever try their best to be one or express their feelings out into words? Many few husbands do so. Men rarely make their wives feel the appreciation they feel for them. They usually just wish their spouses on their anniversary & buy gifts for anniversary for them. If you are one of the men who do so it is time to put your best self forward to make your wife feel loved & happy. That is why we have some budget friendly ideas to pamper your wives on a regular basis today. Read on;

  1. To make your wife feel pampered, the number one rule is to do special stuff for heroccasionally, not once in a blue moon! You can even allocate a small amount aside every month, nothing over the top, to pamper her & to show her your love. If your wife loves to be surprised, give her small surprises very now & then to bring a sweet smile to her face.
  2. One can never go wrong with flowers to gift to your wife. Be it occasional gifts, gifts for anniversary, birthday gifts etc. flowers can express it all!You can simply gift your wife a lovelylong stemmed red rose with a lovely satin ribbon & make up her day. This idea is budget friendly & there is nothing more beautiful than the beauty & power of flowers to convey matters of the heart.
  3. Chocolates are another budget friendly idea to gift to your wife. Everyone loves chocolates & they bring a sweetness to each moment of life. Get her a box of assorted chocolates once in a while. Do so specially for her. Have it gift wrapped & present it to her. Be sure to give her the ones she loves, ones which are her favourites. Chocolates are also great mood boosters & have many health benefits as well, especially dark chocolate.
  4. Pampering your wife does not take a lot. You will definitely agree with us especially on reading the next idea – Love notes! Take a sheet of beautiful paper & write down your heartfelt feelings on it &just add it into her purse or any other place where you are sure she willfind it. You can also keep one near her pillow so that she can see it first thing in the morning as she wakes up. These are great gifts for anniversary as well as occasional gifts. Write in your own words & do not copy anyone’s words or poems. Your originality counts here.
  5. You can also buy your wife a set of branded creams, lotions, beauty bars orrelaxing essential oils etc. to help her pamper herself.

Some Ideas To Pamper Your Best Friend!

A best friend is a boon to your life. It is he or her who knows all about you – all your darkest secrets, your strengths & weaknesses, your dreams & all other things about you that you can be sure that no one knows apart from yourself. He or she is always there for you when you need them for which you have to appreciate them. So how & when do you appreciate your best friend? Do you only tend to pamper them on friendship day &buy friendship gifts? Although there is nothing wrong if you buy friendship gifts on friendship day, we mean that you should do things for them more often & not just on friendship day! If you are clueless about how to make your friend feel appreciated, read on for our ideas to pamper your best friend;

  1. What flavour does your friend like? You will know the answer to this since it’s your best friend we are talking about. Based on his or her favourite flavour, gift him or her a relaxing gift basket or hamper complete with essentials to pamper themselves. If your friend simply adore vanilla flavour, gift them a relaxing hamper containing the main theme vanilla which might contain some vanilla scented bath bombs, bath soaps, as well as a nourishing vanilla bath soak – enough to make their ‘Vanilla dreams’ come true. Such gift baskets are available in various themes & flavours to suit your friends tastes. You just need to pick the appropriate one &buy friendship gifts like these.
  2. There can be some days where your friend may not feel at her best self. You as his or her best friend should spot out such changes in her life based on her behaviour & help him or her out in their time of need. Their schedules might be the cause for his or her breakdown & sometimes all they might need is their best friend’s company. So get over at their plave or invite them over to yours & do some activities together that might cheer up your best friend.
  3. Sometimes all you need is a good dose of warm soup made out of love & a good book to drown into. Give these to your friend every once in a while when he or she seems upset to pamper him or her.
  4. Plan an entire day as per their desires. Occasionally plan a day where you two do the activities of your best friend’s choosing together. Let your best friend know that it is her day & do all the things that she has been wanting to do throughout the day. You can watch movies, go out together, go shopping etc – all with your best friend’s consent!

A Gift in Engraved Crystal For Your Friend This Birthday

Engraved Crystal in 3D is an imaging technology that uses lasers to engrave images and text onto cut crystals. Got confused with such a technical description? Then to all those out there, engraved crystal is the best gift for your friends this season.

This technology may have been in use in the corporate world for many years but now it is getting more personalized. Souvenirs on plaques, trophies and other mementos are all being made out of engraved crystal.

Use it for your nameplate

Your home office can carry your nameplate with your designation. It is the perfect place to use engraved crystal. Also, the plate stays clean. Personalized paperweights, pen stands, key chains and other stationery items are good uses of engraved crystal. A whole writing set can be made of engraved crystal. A beautifully sculpted inkwell seems fanciful at the writing table.

If you are a crazy fan

If your kid has his God in a character from the comics, just take it to the designer for recreating it in crystal. You can never imagine the happiness in his /her eyes to see their favorite characters etched out so beautifully. Not just the kids’ cartoon character, your favorite movie star too deserves a beautifully engraved frame. You need not waste hours looking for that great gift in hobby stores. Just scan through those weekly magazines, comic books and you get your answers.

Play with the poet in you

Poems look very beautiful in engraved crystal with imps and fairies on the borders. The poet in you will not let you place that piece down. You would spend the whole day rereading the text and looking at the beautifully engraved borders. Frescoes with engraved pictures would just take us into old world art. Famous sayings, food for thought engraved in crystals are just the right objects on the mantle.

Tournaments and Trophies

The local club may be organizing an amateur sporting or fishing contest or even a bowling event. It would be tough to afford a gold or silver medal. An engraved crystal trophy thus comes to the rescue. The first prize would be bigger and more prominent compared to those for the runners-up.Kids’ contests also make use of crystal trophies. Here, participation is rewarded. All of them are given trophies.

Companies have sworn by engraved crystal. All those Best Employee of the Month, Young Achiever awards are given out as engraved crystals trophies.

Your dinner table looks great with crystal

Bowls, jugs, decanters and more importantly wine glasses are made of engraved crystal. You need not use them daily. But they look good when served at gatherings. A complete crystals dinner set is the perfect gift for your guests. Crystal crockery can be placed as showpieces on a mantle or glass cupboard near your diner.

Newborn Baby Gifts Fit For a Prince or Princess

When it comes to newborn baby gifts, it’s sometimes nice to splurge. With all that new moms and dads have to worry about, splurging on a gift for their new little prince or princess may not be at the top of the list. That’s what baby showers are for! That’s why when you’re shopping for a baby shower gift, it’s nice to think out of the box and go for something you know the parents-to-be may not buy, but would love to have!
The Alpaca baby romper gift sets by Estella fall right into this category. Made by a New York based luxury kids brand that specializes in hand crafted unique pieces with personality, this set is fit for royalty and makes for great baby shower gifts
For starters, the giraffe design is perfect whether it’s a baby boy or baby girl. Moms can never have too many baby rompers. This design is also perfect for all those diaper changes because you can just snap off, change, and then snap right back on. It is made from soft alpaca wool so it is gentle on baby’s skin. The great thing about this gift is that it also comes with a matching tooth fairy pillow for when baby gets older. The little giraffe has a small pocket for kids to put their lost tooth before placing it under the pillow. So, it’s really the gift that keeps on giving. Besides the giraffe design, the gift set also comes in an elephant, owl & rabbit, design. Just like the giraffe set, it is made from soft alpaca wool and comes with the tooth fairy pillow.
If you’re looking for a baby shower gift that will get some “oohs” and “ahhs”, then Gucci has it. This baby rose sleepsuit is absolutely beautiful.
The white chenille with roses and bees print cotton trim will turn any baby into royalty. As with many sleepsuits, there is a snap button closure, making it easy to take on and off.
Any moms and moms-to-be know that you can never have too many onesies. Babies go through them like crazy!
If you’re looking for baby shower gifts and newborn gifts that are practical yet a little bit of a splurge, then check out the baby’s organic cotton embroidered bodysuit set from Stella McCartney Kids.
This set comes with seven long-sleeved bodysuits for everyday of the week! The onesies are made from organic cotton, so you know they will be soft on baby’s skin.
When you’re talking about gifts that are fit for a prince and princess,
Burberry has a suggestion. The cotton two-piece baby gift set is practical yet extravagant. The cotton jumpsuit comes with a matching hat so baby can be ever so fashionable. The grey hue makes it perfect for a boy or girl.
If you’re looking for royalty to the max, the newborn wrap from Hermes may just be it.
The Cheval Pixel is 100% cotton and comes in both a pink and blue print, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a baby shower gift.
When you’re shopping for baby shower gifts and newborn gifts, think royalty. Mom, Dad and baby will surely love it!

Important Tips For Sending Corporate Gifts To Your Clients

Corporate Gifts is one of the best ways to greet your employees and business associates for giving their share in terms of hard work, time and money to the growth of your business. Giving gifts can be a tricky subject in the corporate world because you have to consider so many things while purchasing it or giving it. There is no benefit of giving a gift if you don’t know the etiquette behind it. So, while sending it to your client you have to do many things which actually appreciated by them and maybe they reciprocate it to you. This may also increase your reputation among them. Don’t be so confused, here are some simple tips, which you should follow before sending gifts to your clients. Take a look below and implement it, so, that you don’t need to feel embraced among your clients for the next time.

Be Formal: One of the important things you have to keep in mind while buying or sending corporate gifts to your clients is it is not a casual gift, which you can give anyway. It is all about the branding of your company, so, the item you choose for this purpose must be formal and of course, the way of giving is also formal. It will put a good impact of your company on a client’s mind.

Don’t Repeat It: Make sure you don’t give the same gift to your client, otherwise, he will get bored and never show any interest in it. It will break your image among them and you will never get any benefit from your efforts.

Attach A Handwritten Note: Giving gifts are common, but you can make it memorable by adding a handwritten note along with it. It will give the personal touch to your gift and your client will definitely love it. By the way of this, you can make a huge difference, which is actually appreciated by its recipient.

Understand Their Culture: If you want that your clients value your efforts, so, you should get personalized with them. It simply means that before giving anything to them you should understand their culture and then make a purchase. It may feel them that they are precious to you and you care about their likes and dislikes.

Give It Personally: If you give gifts personally to your patrons than they like or appreciate it more than receiving it by a courier. So, you should take some time from your busy schedule and give it personally.

Where To Buy Corporate Gifts?

No matter, you are buying a gift for your loved one, friend, employee, or business partner, it must be chosen with love and care. This is because it reflects your hidden personality and thought to the recipient. You cannot deny the fact that driving a successful business is not a work of a single hand, there are so many people involved in it in different manners and creating a good business relationship with them is the key to your constant success.

Nowadays, business is all about promotion and competition and the world find’s the smartest and cost-effective way to deal with it in the form of Corporate Gifts. It is the perfect way to make your business partners or employees realize their importance for your company, so, they can do their work with more dedication. However, gifting can be a stressful task when it comes to buying the perfect item that satisfies their tastes and never hurt their religion in any manner.

Therefore, you have to be very careful while picking the gifting item for them. Now the biggest question is where to buy. Where you need to knock out for finding countless gifting options is something that you need to think about. There are so many places that offer you gifts but choosing among them depends upon your need, whether you need any kind of customization or not. You can make a purchase from:

Direct From The Manufacturer: There are a number of Corporate Gifts manufacturers around you that offer your classy gift items in your specific customization at a wallet-friendly price. Consulting a manufacturer is a great idea because they give you the quality product at a price lesser than the retail shops.

Online Merchants: As if you know everything becomes online, whether it is shopping or anything else. If you are short of time and not able to visit personally to any of the stores to buy gifts for your employees or business partners so online merchants can be a great option for you. However, one thing you need to remember is to make sure the merchant is reliable and have a return policy so you can return if the product is not similar as it’s shown.

Gifts Distributor: You can even contact the distributors of corporate gifts who are able to fulfill your bulk demand in a short span. Make sure the distributor is trusted and provide you only the quality gifting item.